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Prague is a stunning city filled with so much history, culture, nightlife and FOOD! Which is why my #1 MUST DO in Prague is a food tour. We did one with Taste of Prague.  Their blog is a goldmine for all things Prague and a great resource to use if you're planning a trip.  There is so, so much to do in this city I'd never be able to cover it-- luckily they DO! Make sure you head to their website and enjoy going down the Czech rabbit hole of food and wine. 

Here are some of my must visits when in Prague!


I'm a bit of a self proclaimed coffee snob and Prague did not disappoint. This list is just the tip of the caffeinated iceberg. 

  1. Muj Salek Kavy: They roast their own coffee and have really yummy small bites and good breakfast!

  2. Monolok: Has a really nice light airy vibe with great coffee coffee. Very Instagrammable too! ;)

  3. I Need Coffee: If you're a drip person, this place isn't for you, but is an espresso lover's heaven.


  1. Den Noc - Do you like wine? Do you like PANCAKES? This sweet and savoury pancake restaurant pairs the two perfectly! Yummm.

  2. Cestr: Red meat lovers rejoice! This is an awesome steak house. The Steak Tartare and Shashimi were a major hit with us! Also, don't skimp on dessert; they have beer ice cream that is super interesting and surprisingly delicious!

  3. Alcron is an inexpensive Michelin Star Restaurant. Full disclosure, we couldn't get in but I have heard lots about this place and wish we could have gotten in, so if you go please comment below and let me know how it is!!

  4. Lokal Dlouha Ambiente­: Word on the street is that the Goulash here is best in all of Prague. It is a serious beer hall and the prices are super reasonable. If you do the the Taste of Prague food tour you will likely hit this spot, so don't make it an extra stop. But if you don't do the tour, it is a MUST SEE so make sure you take the time to check it out. This is where the dark beer is better than light!

  5. Pasta Fresca If you're in the mood for really good pasta and wine while in Prague this is the spot! The wine cellar downstairs is incredible. This is a super hot spot so make sure you make a reserveration in advance to ensure you get a table!

  6. Hergetova Cihelna:­ If you're looking for an upscale dining experience/ splurge, this is your spot. Not only is it beautiful inside with an extensive wine list and delicious food the best part is the incredible view of the bridge. It makes for such a great night out on the town!

  7. Lokal: If you're looking for a quick lunch with pub food and beers, this place is PERFECT. Also if you take the Foodie Tour this is one of the spots they hit!

  8. Sisters: Open faced sandwiches are the name of the game at Sisters and that are AMAZING. Great spot for lunch... or whenever really.

  9. Nase Maos: This is a butcher shop with incredible meatloaf that is NOT like your moms, and apparently the beef steak tartare is the best in the city.


I'm definitely a speciality cocktail kind of lady so that's what most of this list is made up of.  If you're looking for a night of getting silly, hit these spots up as you graduate to a more uptempo crowd. Expect smoking at most of these spots. 

  1. Hemmingway's Bar: The vibe of this place matches the name perfectly. Expect dim lighting, dark wood and incredible cocktails Pro tip: No resos after 9pm and it gets busy!

  2. Tretters: Gets packed just like Hemmingways so see if you can get a reso

  3. Cash Only: A bit more uptempo than Hemmigways which is great for hoping around

  4. Black Angel’s is super popular but we didn’t make it there. Its prohibition style and typically live piano music.

Annnnd finally, here's a list of all the Wine Bars I wish I tried:  https://www.tasteofprague.com/pragueblog/best-wine-bars-in-prague?rq=bars


Tours and Places of Interest:

Okay so it might be obvious by now but my main aspects of a city are 3 things… Food, Wine and Coffee but believe it or not I do have more interests!

Here are a few other tips I have

The thing that is so cool about Prague is their extensive history.  They have essentially lived through 3 very distinct times and their food, drinks, and architecture all reflect this.  The food tour does a great job of giving you the history which is another reason I loved it so much.  

We did a great free walking tour.  Similar to those around Europe that are donation based. It was great and I highly recommend do this in any city you visit. 

When you're in Prague you also have to make sure you visit the Lennon wall and take a walk across the Charles Bridge; both are super fun touristy things to check off.

Prague Castle is cool too. Even if you don’t have time to do a full visit still make sure you at least pop head it and look around.  The grounds are free but some buildings require a ticket. Worth the walk around.

Two things we didn't get a chance to do but I thought seemed super fascinating were the KGB Museum and the Communist Museum.  For obvious reasons.

Also! They have pedal boats that are a fun way to see the bridges as well! 

Finally, it wouldn't be a proper trip to Prague without a beer garden experience! Riegrovy sady beer garden is a spot in the city with beer and a great view. PRO TIP: Grab your beer and head to the park nearby and overlook the city.

Another great place to drink outdoors and take in the sights is Letná Beer Garden (amazing how I always wind up talking about the best places to eat and drink isn't it?!)

Have you been to Prague? What's on your list? Leave a comment below or comment on my Instagram @lizmercer_ I would love to hear your tips!