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We were only able to spend one week in Copenhagen in 2017 but jeeeeez I want to go back. I LOVED Copenhagen and would love to go back ASAP. As always while travelling (or otherwise) my priorities are finding the best coffee, wine, beer, and food! Copenhagen did NOT disappoint in any of those departments-- it is home to the ACTUAL top restaurant in the WORLD (keep reading to find out more!). It also has some of the best shopping on the planet (in my humble opinion) So without further ado here's my hit list for the best places for drip, sips, and snacks... and shopping in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


  1. Joe and the Juice- For a chain this place is still pretty legit. Great spot for a juice or coffee and the waiters are cute which is always a bonus!

  2. Oieblikket Espresso Bar at the Royal Danish Library- This is an epic library and the views are kill. To top it all off the coffee is good! I had to work here one day while visiting and it was super great place to be productive- didn't hurt having a great view and good coffee!

  3. Democratic Coffee Bar- If you're looking for a cheap coffee and a good work space this place is perfect. Coffee was good too!!

  4. Cafe Parrterre- Anywhere that advertises avocado toast is good in my books. Yum!

  5. Bodega- You like brunch? This place has got it. You like DJ's on Fridays and Saturdays? This place also has that!

  6. Next Door Cafe- Really cute spot to get a good breakfast.

  7. The Coffee Collective --One word: Delish



  1. Cafe 22- Views from a terrace, blankets and heaters for casual outside, snacks, coffee, or a dinner. Kind of a dream situation, don't you think?

  2. Soupa Natural- Soup shop! What more do you need to know?

  3. Papiroen Street Food -- This place is so fun and has so many options for food. Tons of variety so there's something for everyone. I highly recommend this spot, especially for groups.

  4. Torvehallerne Street Market -- If you go, go for breakfast!

  5. Noma: Okay, so...This is legit the #1 restaurant in the world. I don’t even know how we managed to get a table but this place changed my life. I think they are in the midst of moving locations but when it opens up again and you're ready to have your life changed by food this is hands down the spot. Just know you will pay for it, but trust me, it'll be worth it. It is truly unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

  6. Bowl Market Copenhagen: Acai bowls and loads of different smoothie bowls. Great healthy option!

  7. Ol & Brod: Less healthy but DELICIOUS spot for openfaced sandwiches

  8. Mother: OMG, guys. The sourdough pizza here is a MUST!! It is in a trendy NY meets Tokyo part of town.

  9. Host: This is the spot for quality but affordable Nordic food.

  10. 42 Raw: We love finding great healthy options where ever we go and we loved this spot!



  1. Mikkeller Bar: This place has good beer on tap and has a cute atmosphere. Win, win!

  2. FUGU: Cocktail bar

  3. Ruby: Cocktail bar

  4. K Bar: Cocktail bar... I'm a big time cocktail fan... can you tell?

  5. Ved Stranden 10: I really loved it here. A great little wine bar. A+.

  6. Nebbiolo: Wine bar with the cutest outdoor seating complete with blankets. Get the charcuterie board to pair with your wine, you can thank me later.

  7. The Bird and the Churchkey: Fun little gin bar and also has beers

  8. Soernes Olbar: Outdoor pub that's perfect for a summer day drink!


There are a few great options for free walking tours, so take your pick!  Every one I've been on has been great because they always  employ fun energetic people! They are all by donation too!  We did Copenhagen Free Walking Tours and I have done Sandeman’s in a few other cities.  

Tivoli Gardens is a theme park! We didn’t get to is but it looked so fun! And, word on the street is that it’s what Disneyworld is themed after! Go investigate this and get back to me please! 

So, it's touristy but you HAVE to go have a traditional danish meal or at least take a walk in Nyhavn  It's super lovely to walk around and see the streets. So fun!

Christianhaven/Freetown Area — This is essentially a hippie town that's completely separate from Denmark.  The residents don’t pay taxes and pretty much survive on the barter system. It's really cool to just wander through.  Theres a long walk version (which we did...and got lost) and it was good because there were no tourists. Its a town you have to apply to live in and have to pass the true hippie test. They are self-governing. Weed is legal-ish and you can purchase it from inside.  That being said it's likely you will get a fine if caught by the cops. There's a big sign that says exiting the EU and entering the EU.  

Little Mermaid Statue -- Definitely a famous landmark you should check out but I recommend getting there early because there are so many people taking photos.  The story is a Danish sculptor devoted this to HC Anderson’s fairy tale.  The rest is history.  

For getting around Denmark they have a great bicycle sharing program called Bycyklen and they are all around the city AND have GPS.   It's super convenient when you have no idea where you are going!!

Amalienborg Palace is where the royal family lives and on our tour we got to learn a bit about them and now I'm obsessed! The princess (who I think might become the queen this year) is a total bad ass.  Look her up.

Bakken is the world’s oldest amusement park and entrance is free!  Not many people go and its more local than touristy, but definitely worth checking out! 


Okay, so if I could purchase all my clothes from either Copenhagen or Australia I would be a happy camper.  I fell in love with the style here.  Here are a few of my fave shops...

  1. Moss Copenhagen: For all your black, pastel and shades of grey needs. and TBH I need all of it. Minimalistic and perfect.

  2. Envii: is the more affordable line from the fabulous line, Samsøe&Samsøe.

  3. & Other Stories: This store is gaining popularity around the globe is from Stockholm originally so maybe you can find it near you if you're not heading to Copenhagen right away!

  4. Flippa K: Is expensive but a total guilty pleasure.

  5. COS: Another Swedish brand I love that's gaining a lot of popularity.

  6. Acne Studios

Those are my top picks for what to see, do and eat while in Copenhagen!

Have you been to Copenhagen? What's on your list? Leave a comment below or comment on my Instagram @lizmercer_ I would love to hear your tips!