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Things to know before you go!

  1. There is no Uber! Fo Taxi is the official taxi stand you want to use. Write that down.

  2. There are 2 sides to Budapest. Buda in the West which is the historic area with more monuments and the Pest in the east, which is much more modern with cafes, hotels, etc. You want to visit the Buda side and stay on the Pest side. Got that? Great. Moving on.

  3. The Plug is a type C ie. two circle prongs.

  4. The most important thing to note: They love their sweets here, and you can find incredible cake places on every corner... so pack your eating pants.



  1. Home-Made Hostel— dorms made with second hand bits and pieces from Budapest homes.

  2. Gerloczy— Parisian ambiance with 19 rooms and a terrace cafe

  3. Brody House— 11 rooms complete with artist’s work in each one. Very funky with recycled furniture feels like you step back in time.



  1. My Little Melbourne— croissants and espresso in a cute little cafe with a cosy loft

  2. Madal Coffee— single origin and espresso as well as brews

  3. Fekete— Tiny shop with lovely outdoor seating. Espresso and filter

  4. Tamp and Pull— Small spot with baristas that won the world barista championships, yes thats a thing

  5. Espresso Embassy— Any type of coffee you want, i tried the tonic espresso and it was awesome

  6. Central Kavehaz— espresso, inexpensive, and has history of WWI writers and intellectuals writing here.

  7. Goamama coffee— small quaint cosy with small pastries too.

  8. New York Cafe—This place didn't make the list for it's food nor the coffee-- simply for the scenery. It’s like the inside of a beautiful palace/fancy theatre.

  9. A Table: coffee and pastry shop with small sandwiches probably more like a cafe than just coffee shop.



  1. Csalogany 26 has super affordable lunches and tasting menus

  2. Onyx: locally sourced ingredients and it a high end, Michelin star restaurant.

  3. Petrus: Super high quality french food at a great price

  4. Fricska Gastropub— Fine dining at reasonable prices with Hungarian wines- make sure this is on your list!

  5. Menza— A retro eatery with traditional goulash recreating the socialist-era of the 60’s and 70’s.

  6. Fekete Kutya— Small pub with Tapas, Artisanal beers that seems to be a favourite with locals

  7. Bock Bistro— Modern take on Hungarian dishes with Hungarian wines and live accordion music. Also, fab burgers!

  8. Zeller Bistro— Hungarian bistro with fresh fish and truly impeccable plating.



  1. Divino Wine Bar has a strong wine bar vibes with great charcuterie

  2. Csendes Tars Wine Bar, you can get coffee or wine on an outdoor patio.

  3. Kandalló has a pub atmosphere and full menu, the burgers are a must, and pair it with artisan beer. They also have Hungarian Paté

  4. Boutiq’Bar is a super impressive cocktail bar. Two thumbs up, for sure.

  5. Instant is a ruin bar with super funky indoor decor. It's one of the most well known and I would say it's more of a club than a bar. It has multiple levels and it used to be an apartment building before being converted into a club.

  6. Fogashaz is another ruin bar with indoor and outdoor seating/bars and more cozy, low key than Instant and Sizmpla Kert

  7. Speaking of which, Szimpla Kert is yet another ruin bar with a full menu and pub vibe with greenery. Supposedly it's the Mecca of ruin bars.

  8. Corvin Club is a rooftop club with electronic music, perfect for sunset drinks!

  9. Jonas Craft Beer House is a large space for everyone to hang out. It's located along the river and there are a ton of restaurants/drinking and hanging out spaces. Jonas only has food truck burgers but there are others nearby.

  10. a38 is a reconstructed Ukranian ship with rooftop bar, concert hall, restaurant and lounge club. Very cool!



  1. Daubner Patisserie is on the Buda side but in every Budapest guide ever

  2. Cake Shop is a new cake shop with lactose and gluten free and even vegan cakes! The mango passion fruit is a must try!!

  3. Levendula Kézmuves Fagylaltozó is the spot for ice cream in delicious unique flavours

  4. Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Chocolate, chocolate, and pralines... and chocolate.

  5. Naspolya Nassolda is a sweets cafe with to die for pie and cakes and they also have gluten-free, lactose-free and no sugar added. Get your sweet without the guilt?! The dream!

  6. The Sweet is a great spot with a super cute atmosphere.


  1. Central Market Hall is a huge indoor food market with a little something for everyone.

  2. Szimpla Farmers Market- Head over on a Sunday inside for fruits, veggies, sausages, jams, cheeses, juice and fresh bread

  3. MOM Park Bio Organic Market— no pesticides in sight, this is your hippie market!

  4. Ruin Bars are a thing in Budapest and they are typically super funky outdoor/indoor bars or nightclubs. They are built in the Jewish quarter in the ruins of abandoned buildings stores and lots.

  5. Thermal Baths! The whole city is practically built on hot springs so these are super common. I have only been the the Szenchenyi baths but they all are super cool and interesting.

  6. Memento Park— communist statues that were once around the whole city were shunted to this location after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Statues of Stalin and Lenin and a Trabant 601 car which was the most common car of East Germany.

  7. Fisherman’s Bastion has great views of the city on the Buda side of the river. There is a funicular to take you to the top or you can climb it.

  8. The Jewish Quarter has the hipster stuff. Bars, pubs, burgers, coffee, funky details etc.


  1. Goulash is a must. Hungarians are known for this soup/stew made with veggies and meat. It originated from the Magyars who were the original Hungarian people.

  2. Longos, which is deep fried bread with sour cream and cheese on top. Good for after a long night at the club or bar or, really anytime. You need this in your life.

  3. Kurtocs Colacsz which is a spiral dough topped with various toppings. Most common is cinnamon sugar.

  4. Hungarian Salami with Paprika....Paprika is very, very popular and a huge staple in Hungarian food.

  5. Dobos Torte is a Hungarian invention. It's sponge cake layered with chocolate butter cream and caramel. Hungarians are dessert experts so so likely any cake you have here is going to be fab.

  6. Chicken Paprikash-- okay-- so it's not a snack but such a good dish that you'll fing on most Hungarian menus

  7. Palinka--Also not a snack but it's Hungarian brandy, typically drank before dinner.

  8. Hortobagyi Palacsinta are like crepes filled with meat covered in a paprika and sour cream sauce and baked. Kinda like Hungarian enchiladas?


We worked at Krakov and it was really nice. It's super central and a great co-working spot with lunch socials to help you meet others.  Good speeds on internet too. It has small meeting rooms and a standup phone booth for short calls.  Printing and copying are included, or at least  it was when we were there :)

Have you been to Budapest? What's on your list? Leave a comment below or comment on my Instagram @lizmercer_ I would love to hear your tips!