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Between 2015- 2017 we spent a total of 4 months in Barcelona working there and having fun! 

First thing's first: When you go to Barcelona you're going to want to stay in the El Borne district.  This is a hip, happening place and is a gold mine for awesome AirBnBs.  If you stay in El Borne you are still close to Gotico which is nice but is a bit touristy for my liking. If you want to live like a local, look for a place to stay in El Borne! 

Here are my top picks for Barcelona! 

*Pro Tip: Don't eat anywhere that says "Paella" and "Sangria" out front- these are tourist traps! Paella is usually eaten for lunch and literally everywhere has sangria so if they are advertising it it's probably a trap and you'll end up paying way too much for something that is not that great.


Satans' Coffee Corner: I used to go here every day. I Love it. They have great coffee and snacks! 


Definitely the best to two places in town are Bacoa and BRO Burgers.  The truffle mayo from Bacoa --OMG.  Barcelona loves their burgers and their burger joints are some of the best in the world. These are the best hangover spots and believe me: you won't be alone, everyone in town knows this too.


Grasshopper is awesome.  I am picky about my Asian food but this place was great. When you go, sit at the bar, I think might be the only option but if not, you definitely want a bar seat.  It's so  fun to watch them prepare the food. 


When in Rome, amirght? There's obviously a ton of incredible options but some stand outs for me were Llamber, Eldiset (Make sure to try the sausage goat cheese and honey, I also loved the anchovies one-- too many choices!!!), Bar Canete, Bar Angel are also really, really great.   


Paradiso is a Speakeasy in the back of a Pastrami shop, so it wont look like much but trust me on this: just walk through the fridge door.  Their cocktails are so fun, some even have liquid nitrogen, spooky!  Other great bar options are Collage Cocktail Bar and Dux.


Eclipse on the top floor of the W hotel has a really cool view but your overall experience will completely depend on how good the DJ is.  Pacha is a world famous club- I have not been the Barcelona one but we went to their Ibiza location and it was killer, so I imagine this one is no different.  


If you're looking for an amazing indulgence while in Barcelona look for further than Chok. They have donuts and chocolate and yummmm they are AMAZING. 


Barraca was by far the best we found and it's even okay to eat it here for dinner even though locals only eat Paella for lunch :)


There is a great free tour that you should get in on, it's donation based and they always have great info.  Tons of these in lots of European cities but I can attest that these ones are good in BCN.  This tour will cover most of the must hits, Basilica included


Gaudi architecture is really beautiful and I recommend going to see the houses and Park Guell



For all the good shopping make sure you head to Passeig de Gracia! 

Las Ramblas is the walking street you have to see while in town.  But be sure to watch your bags and beware of pickpockets!  I saw more than 10 people get their stuff stolen here.  Keep it cross body and just don't be a dumb tourist and you'll be fine....Barcelona is rampant with pickpockets so stay alert. 

Barceloneta is the beach neighbourhood.  It's where my husband Greg and I lived while we were there.  It's really fun to walk along the boardwalk and one of the burger places is down there on the beach side.  There are awesome clubs along the water too and I'm still kicking myself we did not go to them. 

Have you been to Barcelona or anywhere else in Spain? What's on your list? Leave a comment below or comment on my Instagram @lizmercer_ I would love to hear your tips!