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Biking In East Austin

Biking In East Austin

East Austin is home to some amazing shopping, coffee, food, beer and murals.  The best part is you can bike or scoot all around it! 

Here are a few of my favorites and you can create your own day from it, I also give my suggestion for a biking day around East Austin.  


Cuvee Coffee Bar

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Fleet Coffee Co

Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Co.


Cenote: fast casual Mexican hotspot with counter service

Tillery Kitchen and bar: mediterranean spot on the river with couches and tables

Tamale House East: OMG the tamales.  Get the sauce on them, verde is the bomb.com

Lichas Cantina: Cute little Mexican eatery in an old converted house with a garden patio

Fukumoto: Killer sushi and yakitori (grilled skewers)

Veracruz All Natural: Taco truck with great tacos and incredibly refreshing agua frescas

La Barbecue : staple bbq in Austin

Suerte: A new Mexican hot spot in town that is getting tons off buzz 

Food Truck Pangea Lounge Area: a great selection of food trucks for those groups that just can’t decide


Lazarus Brewing

Zilker Brewing

Wright Bros Brew and Brew

Blue Owl Brewing

Hops and Grain Brewing


Apt F: Worldly housewares and rare finds.  I bought my moroccan rug from this cute shop!

Take Heart: A small boutique of housewares from local, US and international artists.  

Plant Party: Party time to make your own succulent or just swing by to look

Aro: Boutique of jewelry, women’s apparel, and home goods

East Austin Succulents: huge oasis of succulents and plants

My suggestion:

Start out getting coffee at Cuvee Coffee Bar

Ride your bike over to see the cool stuff at Apt F and then go walk around looking at plants at East Austin Succulents which is also connected to Tillery Street Plant Co.  

There are also 2 murals right on the corner of 6th and Pernedales you can check out and get some photos at.

When you start getting hungry go check out Tamale House East, La Barbecue, or if you are feeling a food truck vibe the Pangea Lounge Food truck park is a great option.

After you are fuelled up it’s beer tasting time.  

Wright Bros Brew and Brew is a great spot to start. I will say these are my fave beers so normally I would like to leave them for last but the vibe of this spot is super chill so I like to start with them.  Their sours are killer.  

Zilker is next up.  I like to ride along 5th because it has less traffic but there are 4 great murals along 6th on the way to Zilker.   Zilker is right next door to the Tamale House and has some outdoor and indoor seating.  This place is packed on the weekends so you might want to get there early if you have a big group.

After that head over to Lazarus Brewing Co. and this spot has tons of indoor and outdoor seating.  They also tend to be busy but they can handle the crowds.  They serve food too if you are digging eating and drinking at a taproom/brewery and didn’t like the above spots.  

If you want to try some of the best tacos in Austin ride your bike south a few blocks to check out Veracruz All Natural food truck.  All outdoor seating and its a quick stop but their tacos are great and their agua fresca is such a refreshing treat!

Then keep heading northeast bit t to get to Hops and Grain Brewing and grab a tour of their brewery.  Fridays they are at 5pm and Saturday 2pm and 4pm.  They are completely free and about 45 mins long.  *Bonus they have food trucks on the weekends too.  As you can tell you will not go hungry in Austin.

The last stop on our East Austin tour will be Blue Owl Brewing and this is a staple in the Austin scene.  You can find their beer in cans in many different spots around town.  Their claim to fame is their Sour Mash beer.  Sour mashed beer is essentially a more tart version of beer.  From my experience most people enjoy a sour, and wine fans tend to love sours.  My favorite way to experience this brewery is the self guided sensory tour that has a sheet of paper and a few tasters.  There’s also a mural near Blue Owl Brewing with a giant cat (it’s a vet’s office).

As you wrap up your afternoon/evening and want a riverfront patio chill session stop by Tillery Kitchen and bar.  They have big couches you can hangout at.  Or another great spot is the back lawn at the Four Seasons.  You do not have to be staying there to enjoy it and they have some outdoor games as well as fire pits and couches.  

Depending on your night, keep the fun going and ride along Ceasar Chavez and see the river, head over to Rainey street or 6th, depending on your interests!