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Women in Business at Auburn University.

Women in Business at Auburn University.

A few months ago I had the privilege of speaking at the kickoff for Women in Business at my Alma Mater, Auburn University. It was so fun to be back on my old stomping grounds and felt so good to be able to give back to the school that taught me so much.

I was so thrilled to be asked to join a panel of women moderated by Tara Wilson from the Tara Wilson Agency.

This was my first public speaking event and I was so thrilled to be sitting alongside women who were so accomplished, savvy and inspiring

There were questions from multiple sides of building your career. This was such a fun batch of questions to answer because I was on the panel with a VP at Chase Bank, a Pilot and myself an Entreprenuer. We all had different answers and built out where we are today through different paths. This all goes to show you, there is not one path. There are infinite methods of getting from point A to point B and even if you don’t know what your point B is, that’s okay. We’re all still figuring it out. I did not think I would be an entrepreneur, I graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management. I went into the retail side of a business, not the supply chain side, then I created an online application, and now I am a physical product producer and seller. Who knows what I will be next!

During the panel they also asked me what motivates me… and to be honest, I’m not sure what my answer was. I had no idea when I walked into the room what sort of impact this event nor that very question would wind up having on me as I walked away. To now be able to look back with hindsight I can tell you with a lot of certainty what I find motivating… connecting with other women in business. I absolutely loved telling my story, showing and hearing about all the different paths you can take, and connecting with like-minded others, specifically women, all chasing ideas and dreams. Talk about inspirational and motivating.

Being able to relate to the audience’s questions, the panels answers, learning about everyone’s wins and losses and swapping stories was the best part of the whole event. Mostly I get so excited to hear about how all the interesting ways they are working to change the game.

That is what motivates me.

I have a new passion.

Thank you to Auburn University and the Harbert School of Business for hosting this great event. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

If you would like to see what Auburn had to say about the event, check out their post here.

Remote Work Hub Feature: Meet the Remote Team Making Amazon Product Research Easy.

Remote Work Hub Feature: Meet the Remote Team Making Amazon Product Research Easy.