Liz Mercer
Liz Mercer
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Hey! I’m Liz!

I’m the founder and CEO of Sleekform, a line of ergonomic furniture specializing in kneeling chairs. I’ve been busy the last few years curating and leading fully remote, global teams, ever since my husband Greg started the tech company Jungle Scout- a suite of apps built to help people who want to sell products on Amazon. 

My start in the business world wasn’t glamourous. I started out by working at Target in a variety of management positions. It paid the bills but left a lot to be desired creatively. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my interests lay more in working with a small team and being in the trenches of starting a business then working for a big corporation that worked like a well oiled machine. I like the hustle, the uphill climb.

I helped Greg take his dream, and together not only turned it into a reality but into the first app of its kind. As the app took off and the team grew from two to almost one hundred, I soon wound up finding myself on the hunt for my next project. 

One of my biggest passions is innovating the way we work- both by being on the forefront of the remote work movement as well as changing the way we all sit when we work. I really don’t believe in following ‘the rules’ and I have very little interest in sticking to the status quo. I’m constantly looking for ways to reinvent the way I do things and how we as a society do things. I am an insatiable learner and I love meeting and working with people from all over the globe- people who push me to be better, do better, and take chances.

I am an advocate for encouraging young women to enter the business world and educating them on the power of being their own boss.

I graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management from Auburn University and am currently based in Austin, Texas.