Hey there, I am Liz!

I am a business major, turned corporate ladder climber, turned location independent business lover. I got started with remote work when my husband and I quit our {good and stable} jobs to travel the world, hoping to make a few dollars on the side so we didn’t blow through our savings too quickly. To our surprise, we ended up starting a successful suite of tools to help Amazon sellers called Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout allowed us to continue our travels (40 countries and counting) while building an incredible business we loved working at, all while helping entrepreneurs escape their current setup or earn some extra cash on the side. We grew the company from 0 to over 100 people in 4 years.

I made my exit from Jungle Scout in 2018 (my husband still runs the company to this day). With that extra time I immediately sunk my teeth into creating ergonomic office furniture with my new company, Sleekform. I eat sleep and breathe learning about what makes up the best chairs and other furniture, how to physically get those pieces made, and how to sell them for a profit.

In early 2019 I began exploring public speaking. A few unexpected friendships and conversations later I have realized how many people (women specifically) have great businesses but have not been able to fully harness the full power of Amazon as a sales channel. Other fun facts I've learned is how foreign remote work (pun intended) seems to people and how much of an expert I am in the field of setting up and organizing internal systems. I have recently opened up some time to help some people on a one on one basis to get started on Amazon with the goal of scale or organize their operations of their business.

I am an insatiable learner, traveler, coffee and tea addict and to-do list maker. I love organizing everything, encouraging women to do things they have not thought possible and all in all just doing things through a different lens.

I would love to connect so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here’s to doing life differently!


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