Hey! Hi! Hello!

I'm a business owner, yoga enthusiast, former digital nomad and general globe trotter who has spent the last three years living out of a backpack with my husband in search of the best co-working spaces, snacks and wine. 

I'm entering a new stage of my career and I'm excited to bring you along for the journey. 

Let me give you the abridged low down...


The Beginning:


I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my parents and one younger brother. After high school I went on to study Supply Chain Management at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Growing up I always imagined myself living and working abroad when I was an adult out on my own. I could never really envision myself living in the states living a “normal” lifestyle.

My first love was travel. I caught the bug when I first boarded a flight to Spain when I was 16 years old. It was a trip I took with my classmates to practice the Spanish we were learning in school, and that was it. I wanted to see every corner of the world.

Then life started to happen and time passed rapidly- I woke up one morning struck with the realization that I hadn’t "done it". I had fallen into the norm that I was so desperate to avoid when I was younger. I went to college, I fell in love, we got married, bought a house, and we both got stable jobs- we even got a dog! And it was great! Life was good but life wasn't what I envisioned.  That’s when my husband Greg and I agreed that the time was now; if we didn’t change up our lifestyle we wouldn't ever do it. So, we gave notice to our jobs, rented out our house, and my parents took our dog who we could visit during the holidays.

It felt a little crazy but we knew tons of people were doing this- living and working remotely from all over the world. Thanks to people like Robert Kiwosaki, Tim Ferris, The Tropical MBA podcast and the countless others who spoke about doing things differently and not settling for the norm, the bug resurfaced and it became life.  Four months after the initial conversation /quarter life crisis Greg and I were on a plane with a one way ticket to Manila, Philippines. We vowed to each other that no matter what, we would make this work. We had the ability to take control of our lives and have the freedom to live and work independently and on our own terms.

Three years later the Mercers have eaten, drank and worked in 42 countries together.


Jungle Scout


I was the first person to join Greg when he decided to start Jungle Scout in 2015. My role in the company was, as with most startups, just anything that needed to get done. I had a hand in helping him with everything from customer support to bookkeeping to affiliate relationships, to operations and beyond. Since we first began the company has grown from just the two us working in coffee shops together to having over 80 employees (and counting) across the globe.

Recently we’ve relocated back to the states and are now based in Austin, Texas in order to be close to the Jungle Scout headquarters.

It was a tough decision to decide to reverse-nomad as I like to call it but what it came down to was getting the leadership on the same page. When you are working remotely you have to have the mentality that you need to be flexible with the people you are working with, but when you have your team leads in 4 or 5 different time zones across the globe it gets extremely difficult.  Not to mention the states has the largest talent pool in the world and we are stoked to get to fully utilize that now!

We’ve had to learn to evolve and adapt at every stage of Jungle Scout’s growth and this is the next stage of that evolution.



What’s next!


This is a very exciting time for me. I've recently left Jungle Scout because I’m ready to start a new venture on my own terms. Taking all the lessons I’ve learned from Jungle Scout and challenging myself in new ways. I want to change the way people work.  Both inside the company and out. My new company Sleekform is a dream a long time in the making and I'm excited to spread my wings and see where it goes.

Another big step for me is having a home base in Austin.  On this website I share some of my favorite cities and my personal guides to them.  That won't be going anywhere, you just might see a lot more of Austin show up.

I've also decided to share my story and my journey with Sleekform, both the wins and losses along the way. 

My hope is to inspire people to live life on their own terms the way the people I listened to helped me in the beginning.

Let's do this!